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With Myers, Moen, Drayer, Colby, Samuelson, Sprung, and others

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1759 Philip bapt fea

Baptized in Mainz, Germany, on this date in 1759: twin boys named Jacob and Philip “Mayer.” From available evidence, it does not appear that this was our patriarch Philip Myers, but I continue to hold out some hope. The problem is, that in America, Philip’s brother Lawrence Myers is well documented, about three years older than Philip, while in the Mainz churchbooks, no such sibling can be found. Additionally, there are three siblings in the church records not mentioned in America. These latter…


Born in Tretten, Norway, on this date in 1789: third great-grandmother Ømbjør Samuelsdatter Bjerke, She was the mother of Samuel Jørgensen Bjerke, who immigrated to Wisconsin and changed his name to Samuel Samuelson. Top photo: Bjerke farm, center right in background. Below: entrance sign at South Bjerke.


Died in Sør-Fron, Norway, on this date in 1819: 4th great-grandmother Kari Larsdatter. She was the wife of David Jonsen Skurdal, and grandmother of Anne Larsdatter Skurdal, immigrant matriarch of the Larsons.

1904c Anna fea

Born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, on this date in 1888: grandmother Anna Moen (m. Larson). Also featured on her death date, 2 August. Top photo: detail from her confirmation portrait, c. 1904. Below: wedding with Isaac Larson, 1912.

dan lil fea

Married in Frankfort, South Dakota, on this date in 1909: my grandparents Dan Dean Myers and Lillian May Drayer. I knew them quite well, from many visits to their home, and a few from them to ours, including once in Longview when I was an infant. Read more …  

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