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With Myers, Moen, Drayer, Colby, Samuelson, Sprung, and others

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Died in Sør-Fron, Norway, on this date in 1819: 4th great-grandmother Kari Larsdatter. She was the wife of David Jonsen Skurdal, and grandmother of Anne Larsdatter Skurdal, immigrant matriarch of the Larsons.

1904c Anna fea

Born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, on this date in 1888: grandmother Anna Moen (m. Larson). Also featured on her death date, 2 August. Top photo: detail from her confirmation portrait, c. 1904. Below: wedding with Isaac Larson, 1912.

dan lil fea

Married in Frankfort, South Dakota, on this date in 1909: my grandparents Dan Dean Myers and Lillian May Drayer. I knew them quite well, from many visits to their home, and a few from them to ours, including once in Longview when I was an infant. Read more …  


Born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, on this date in 1752: fourth great-grandfather Daniel Colby. He was great-grandfather of Dan Myers’ mother, Helen Colby. Like our better-known ancestor Philip Myers, Daniel Colby was a Patriot soldier in the Revolutionary War. He belonged to the 1st New Hampshire militia, among the elite group called “Minutemen.” I haven’t viewed his pension file yet, perhaps soon. The file may show whether he was present at the skirmish depicted in top photo, in Lexington, Massachusetts. That was the…


No close family anniversaries. Born in Bloomington, Indiana, on this date in 1899: composer, pianist, singer, and actor Howard Hoagland “Hoagy” Carmichael. Best known today by covers of his many standards. Below, he plays and sings one of his most famous songs. Note: the still photo that is shown throughout this video shows Carmichael with Lauren Bacall, in the movie “To Have and Have Not.” Bacall appears about to sing some song, but it is definitely not “Georgia,” which is not performed…

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