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1958 bon dance

No close (deceased) family anniversaries today. Among the living: happy birthday to my baby sister, Bonnie Larson Drewes, second from right above. Outside the family, born this day in 1832: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, Author of Alice In Wonderland and other lighthearted classics.

1917c extended fam w-Helena

No, Really!!! Thanks to this contribution from Sheila Geier, I now have documents that spell Ms. Olsdatter’s given name as Helene, Helena, Hellina, and now Lena! Behold, Ole Larson’s marriage registration of 1886. Bride’s name: Lena Olson. Just another routine variant, except now we enter into a whole genre of popular jokes. Some other variant names in this document: Olson, because “…datter” was too foreign. Groom’s father, Lars Larson. Not correct at all, but understandable reasoning by the registrar. If…

1928 Torger Moen headstone

Died this day in 1928: Axel Theo Moen. He is “only” my first cousin, twice removed, but at least he is a double cousin. Axel’s father is a brother of my great-grandfather Gunder Moen, while his mother is a sister of my great-grandmother Marie Volden. Outside the family: born this day in 1905 on a train in Austria: Maria Kutschera (m. von Trapp), matriarch of the Trapp Family Singers, immortalized by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.  


Born in Lenox, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, this day in 1795: My third great-grandmother Eliza Brown (m. Myers). Buried in Oskaloosa, Iowa, with her son, Henry Bennett Myers. For most of her adult life, Eliza lived in Sunbury, Delaware County, Ohio, near where her parents had pioneered in 1808. Her husband Lawrence Myers co-founded the town in 1816 and built a stagecoach inn there. After Lawrence died, Eliza continued to operate the inn for at least fifteen years, before moving to Oskaloosa…

1961 Uncle Olaf David

Died this day in 1972: my granduncle Olaf Larson, twelfth of Ole’s 13 children. I remember visiting Olaf with my parents, when he lived alone in a cheap hotel in Longview. I don’t know if he was still working in the mills; I think he had done so earlier. He smoked constantly (well, Grandpa smoked too, and Dad, of course). He seemed quite frail, at least as frail as Grandpa, although he was 12 years younger. At least, that was…

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