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1874-2009 Brush cr best

Died in Vernon County, Wisconsin, this day in 1900: second great-granduncle Arne Pederson, brother of Marit Pedersdatter Samuelson. Like his sister, he is buried at Brush Creek Cemetery.  

1918c Axel grain

Born in Vernon County, Wisconsin, this day in 1881: granduncle Axel Larson.   Three years older than Isaac, he was one of the four brothers who homesteaded in North Dakota. In the top photo, he is showing off his crop of oats. Read more … We will come back to Uncle Axel in a few days, on his wedding anniversary. Buried in Sidney Cemetery.

1839 Coon Prairiei

Born in Vernon County, Wisconsin, on this day in 1872: our great-grandaunt Ellen Amundsdatter Volden. She married Anton Pederson, nephew of Marit Pedersdatter (featured yesterday). So, while husband and wife were not biologically related to each other, both are related to us, thus issuing another family of “double cousins” to us Larsons. Buried at Vang Cemetery, Vernon County.

Odegarden area

Born in Tretten, Norway, on this date in 1820: Marit Pedersdatter, of the farm Gløme-Ødegaard, our second great-grandmother. She married Samuel Jørgensen of Bjerke, and immigrated in middle age to Vernon County, Wisconsin. At some point, in a masterpiece of name-juggling, they both took on the surname Samuelson. Read more …

1926c Lawrence Gail

In one of my rare tributes to a living relative, happy 92 (woo-hoo!) to cousin and fellow family-history nut Gail E Myers, pictured above with his father Lawrence, recently featured on his birthday, 10 February. As a young man, Gail cut quite a figure as a bird-hunter, posing for this cover while in Mexico. Later on, while employed in academia, he published a delightful novel. Appropos to the author’s birthday, its plot features a long-standing superstition in the little, fictional Mexican village where the story…

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