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1888-2013 Sams Cr Churchi

Married in Frederick County, Maryland, on this date in 1829: Michael Zepp and Mary Ann Young, third great-grandparents on my mother’s side. I know very little about them, except that they are buried at Sams Creek Church of the Brethren in Carroll County, Maryland, where they had lived for many years. I visited their gravesite in 2013. Read more …

Born in Vernon County, Wisconsin, on this date in 1890: grandaunt Manda Larson (m. Lunde). Pictured above with her husband, Henry O. Lunde; and below with daughter Helen. Manda was a half-sister of Isaac Larson. She died in 1935; I don’t know of any contact between our families, until I heard from cousin Andrea Lunde Otto a couple of years ago. Read more …


No close family anniversaries. Died in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England on this date in 1616: William Shakespeare. His presumed birth date is also 23 April (1564), based on his baptism three days later. Below: publicity masthead for Oregon Shakespeare Festival‘s production of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, playing June 2 – Oct. 9, 2015. = = = Also, born in Santa Monica, California, on this date in 1928: that other icon of the theatrical arts — Shirley Temple. No Shakespeare, she!

1898 Larson bros

Born in Vernon County, Wisconsin, on this date in 1877: granduncle Smith Larson. Photo above from approx. 1898. Perhaps coincidentally, the four brothers in that portrait are the ones who homesteaded in North Dakota a decade later. Smith undoubtedly photographed this iconic snapshot of the other three. Smith Larson was the only Larson boy to serve in World War I. He became ill at the front, and died in Wisconsin three years later.  Read more …


No close family anniversaries. Born in Dunbar, Scotland, on this date in 1834: Scottish-American naturalist John Muir. Portrait above, c. 1907, shown next to the Hech Hechy Valley of Yosemite National Park. That photo is also from the early 1900s, before construction of the O’Shaughnessy Dam. = = = Born on this date in 1926: Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II of England. Happy birthday, Your Majesty!

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