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1859 Matea bapt

Baptized in Tretten, Norway, on this date in 1859: great-grandaunt Mattie Samuelson (her “American” name, as found on her marriage record). On her baptism record (top photo), it is Matea (Samuelsdatter), of the farm Klove or Klæve. Mattie was a sister of our great-grandmother Anne Samuelsdatter. I use Anne’s “Norwegian” surname, because it appears that way on her (American) marriage record. Mattie married her first cousin Pete Pederson, and was the mother of Atley Pederson, cousin of my grandfather and and friend of…


Died in Ringebu, Norway, on this date in 1871: third great-grandfather Gunder Johannes Opsalhaugen. Probably buried at Faavang church (top photo), although no marker survives. However, Gunder’s son Torger (who later emigrated to Wisconsin) built a stone fence surrounding the churchyard, and commemorated the family by etching his initials on the gatepost. The initials stand for Torger Gundersen Stenumgaardskleven, referring to the farm where Torger must have lived at the time.  That is also the farm where Gunder was born, while…

1874-2009 Ole house front

Born in Vernon County, Wisconsin, on this date in 1892: grandaunt Paula Larson (m. Sletten), aka “Aunt Polly.” Paula and Clarence lived for many years in the Ole Larson house, where she and all her siblings were presumably born (top picture).      

Mary E Mohler

Died in Carroll, Iowa, this date in 1894: Thiel’s great-grandmother Mary Eleanor Mohler (m. Beechel). Shown below with husband, Philip Beechel. Mary was 37 when she died, of complications at the birth of her sixth child. The baby, named after her mother, died several days later. Buried at Carroll City Cemetery. = = = Baptized in Ringebu, Norway, on this date in 1761: fourth great-grandfather Christin Haagensen Myrin. He was grandfather of Anne Bakkehougen (m. Moen), who was in turn…

No close family anniversaries. Born in Scotland on this day in 1645 (the precise date is controversial; possibly baptized on this date): Captain William Kidd, one of the more controversial figures from the age of pirates and privateers. And in Japan in 1908: filmmaker Akiro Kurosawa, director of many art-film classics, including The Seven Samurai (1954 – top photo.) And in Poland in 1912, Werner  von Braun, the “father of rocket science.”

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