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1874 Helen tini

Born in Kane County, Illinois, on this date in 1850: great-grandmother Helen Colby (m. Myers). Soon after birth, she moved with her parents to Monona County, Iowa, where her father, Harry Eugene Colby, became a prominent businessman. Top photo: Helen as a young schoolteacher. Below: notice Helen’s resemblance to her mother,whose birth date was featured just two days ago. Read more …


No close family anniversaries. Two milestones of early aviation: In 1927, Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris, after the first nonstop, solo flight across the Atlantic (top photo). On the same date in 1932, Amelia Earhardt landed in Ireland, on the second such flight.

forty fort meeting fea

Died in Luzerne County Pennsylvania, on this date in 1876: the Rev. George Peck, husband of third great grandaunt Mary Myers. A distant, “shirttail” relative, but important as a published historian of the Wyoming Valley of Luzerne County, the birthplace, in a way, of a huge clan of Myers relatives.   There is a good Wikipedia article on Dr. Peck. Top photo: Forty Fort Meeting Hall, where the Rev. Peck undoubtedly preached hundreds of sermons. Not far from the meeting hall are…

1893c Susan Colby fea

Born in New York state on this date in 1820: second great-grandmother Susan Eldridge (m. Colby).  So far, the only evidence of her birth date and place lies in her obituary. I have found no corroborating documents, nor any clues as to her parents. This puts Susan at the top of my “most wanted” list.

Myers Inn fea

Married in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, on this date in 1817: third great-grandfather Lawrence Myers and Eliza Brown. The previous year, Lawrence and his brother William had founded the town of Sunbury, Ohio. It was in Ohio that Lawrence and Eliza met and courted, although they were married in Lawrence’s hometown in Pennsylvania. Back in Sunbury, they built and operated a stagecoach inn, pictured in its renovated form at top. Their contribution to the area’s history is honored on this marker in the…

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