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Bo stitched 3356-58

Died in Fron, Norway, this day in 1695: Torger Torgesen Bø, my sixth great-grandfather. His death occurred eleven days before the execution of his wife and eldest son for murder(!!!). The elder Torger was not implicated in the crime, but died suddenly, perhaps of a stress-induced stroke. Seen above is the modern-day farm at Bø. Also, born in Tretten, Norway this day in 1793: my third great-grandmother Ømbjor Michelsdatter Lien (of the “Samuelson” line).    

1934 Ole SamuelsonCompo

Born in Tretten, Norway, this date in 1864: Ole Samuelson, my great-granduncle (brother of Anne Samuelsdatter). Several of Ole’s children were good friends with their first cousin, my Grandpa Isaac. A grandson of Ole’s is Orion Samuelson, long time host of the early morning farm report nationally syndicated out of WGN Radio, Chicago. Link above is to Orion’s page at the Radio Hall of Fame.

1948 Dan Lil Geo

Died this day in 1965: my grandfather Dan Dean Myers. Shown above with Grandma and me c. 1948. Read more …  


Died this day in 1945 (in combat): George H Litch, uncle of my wife Thiel. A private in the US Army, George was killed by a bomb or artillery shell just weeks into his tour of duty, and a few months before V-E Day. Four other soldiers died in the same blast, part of the battle known as the “Colmar Pocket” in Alsace, France. George Litch is memorialized on this page of honorstates.org. The memorial below is in George’s home town of Oregon…

1958 bon dance

No close (deceased) family anniversaries today. Among the living: happy birthday to my baby sister, Bonnie Larson Drewes, second from right above. Outside the family, born this day in 1832: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, Author of Alice In Wonderland and other lighthearted classics.

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