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Odegarden area

Born in Tretten, Norway, on this date in 1820: Marit Pedersdatter, of the farm Gløme-Ødegaard, our second great-grandmother. She married Samuel Jørgensen of Bjerke, and immigrated in middle age to Vernon County, Wisconsin. At some point, in a masterpiece of name-juggling, they both took on the surname Samuelson. Read more …

1926c Lawrence Gail

In one of my rare tributes to a living relative, happy 92 (woo-hoo!) to cousin and fellow family-history nut Gail E Myers, pictured above with his father Lawrence, recently featured on his birthday, 10 February. As a young man, Gail cut quite a figure as a bird-hunter, posing for this cover while in Mexico. Later on, while employed in academia, he published a delightful novel. Appropos to the author’s birthday, its plot features a long-standing superstition in the little, fictional Mexican village where the story…

Torger Moen fam

Died in Vernon County, Wisconsin, this day in 1928: our great-great grandfather Torger Gunderson Moen. Born in Ringebu, Norway, he immigrated in 1877 with his wife and three of their children. Read more … He is pictured above with his wife, sons Haakon and Gunder (our great-grandfather), Gunder’s wife Marie and two of their children. Torger died at the age of 98, and is buried at Coon Prairie Church.


Died in Sunbury, Ohio, this day in 1864: Lawrence Armstrong Myers. Three years earlier, at the age of seventeen, he lied about his age to join the Union army, during the early months of the Civil War. By 1863, he had fought in numerous battles, including Shiloh (pictured above in a lithograph by Thure de Thulstrup), Perryville, and Stones River, before contracting “chronic rheumatism.” This could have referred to any of several diseases which were poorly understood at the time…

1944 Ivan croppedt

Sadly noting the Feb. 23 passing of Uncle Ivan, my lifelong friend, mentor in family history studies, and the last of the five Larson brothers. Shown above in his WW2 uniform; Ivan was in the trenches at the Battle of the Bulge. Read more … Ivan’s and Eleanor Ferris’ 1946 wedding date was noted on Feb. 16. Aunt Eleanor is currently in skilled nursing care at Tacoma Lutheran. Finally, a snapshot of three brothers made in 2002, just before Vernon’s passing. Vernon…

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