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With Myers, Moen, Drayer, Colby, Samuelson, Sprung, and others

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No close family anniversaries. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, on this day in 1799: Alexander Pushkin, considered by many Russia’s greatest poet; indeed, the father of modern Russian literature. Many of his works are available in translation.


No close family anniversaries. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, on this date in 1803: Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet, essayist, icon of the Romantic era in literature. = = = Also, born in Richmond, Virginia, on this date in 1878: Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. According to an extensive Wikipedia article, Robinson was the “best-known and best-paid African-American entertainer of the early twentieth century” (in spite of which, he died penniless in 1949). Often vilified for his participation in racial stereotypes, he was at…


No close family anniversaries. Born in England on this date in 1819: Alexandrina Victoria of the House of Hanover, the future Queen Victoria of England. She reigned for 63 years and seven months, longer than any other British monarch, and longer than any female monarch anywhere. (Elizabeth II is running strong to break Victoria’s records, still reigning after 63 years and four months.) Top photo: Victoria’s coronation in 1837, painted by George Hayter. Below: portrait of Princess Victoria at four…

1920 Lillian ext fea

Born in Thunder Hawk, South Dakota, on this date in 1914: my mother Reatha May Myers (m. Larson). She was born in the living quarters behind her father’s general store. For her early life, read the profile of her parents. Pictured about 1920 with her siblings, mother, grandparents, and her uncle Lloyd Drayer with his wife Louise. Mom’s adult life is detailed in this page. The anniversary of her passing was noted on 1 May.  

1874 Helen tini

Born in Kane County, Illinois, on this date in 1850: great-grandmother Helen Colby (m. Myers). Soon after birth, she moved with her parents to Monona County, Iowa, where her father, Harry Eugene Colby, became a prominent businessman. Top photo: Helen as a young schoolteacher. Below: notice Helen’s resemblance to her mother,whose birth date was featured just two days ago. Read more …

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