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With Myers, Moen, Drayer, Colby, Samuelson, Sprung, and others

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Brush Cr church 2

Died in Vernon County, Wisconsin, on this date in 1906: second great-grandmother Marit Pedersdatter Gløme-Ødegaarden (m. Samuelson). Buried at Brush Creek church. The surname in this case quite baffling. Her husband was born Samuel Jørgensen, and used that name until the couple immigrated. Some of their adult children were already established in America, using their Norwegian patronym, which of course was Samuelson (son of Samuel); apparently this was the reason the parents changed their name.


No close family anniversaries. On this date in 1871, the “Great Chicago Fire” began, in or near the barn of Patrick and Katherine O’Leary. Legend has it that their cow kicked over a lighted lantern in the barn, but Mrs. O’Leary vehemently denied the story, and the true cause has never been proven. The fire burned unchecked for two days, leveling the central section of the city, leaving 200-300 people dead, more than 100,000 homeless, and 17,450 buildings destroyed.

R-1576: Ice Formation (Abstracts), Tyler Rd., Ca. 12/68

Born in Pine County, Minnesota, on this date in 1912: Thiel’s father, Graydon Roland Beechel. He was an avid photographer, inspired by the work of Ansel Adams, among others. The top photo is detail from a study of ice crystals (1968). Below: seascape, Bodega Bay, California (1952; click to enlarge).

Myers Monument

Married in Frederick County, Maryland, on this date in 1792: fourth great-granduncle Michael Myers and Elizabeth Fout. Michael was a brother of Philip Myers, Revolutionary War patriot and patriarch of my mother’s family. The massive monument in top photo is located at Mount Olivet cemetery in Frederick. around its base are inscribed the names of several family members, including Michael and Elizabeth and one of their daughters. The stone was erected long after Michael’s death, by one of their grandsons.  Michael is…


Born in Sør-Fron, Norway, on this date in 1829: second great-grandmother Anne Madsdatter Maurhaugen (m. Volden). She married Amund Amundsen Volden in Norway, shortly before they emigrated to Coon Prairie, Wisconsin.

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