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With Myers, Moen, Drayer, Colby, Samuelson, Sprung, and others

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No close family anniversaries. Born in Stonewall, Texas, on this date in 1908: Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President of the United States. Top photo at his ranch in 1972 (public domain), below at age 7 (LBJ Library).

Teresa fea

Born in Vernon County, Wisconsin, on this date in 1871: grandaunt Louisa Larson, eldest child of Ole Larson and Anne Samuelsdatter. She died only eight months later. Her name was recycled (with a variation) when the next child, Louise (aka Aunt Lucy) was born in 1872. Outside the family, born in Skopje, Macedonia, on this date in 1910: Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, known to us as Mother Teresa (top photo).

1847c Henry Leonora fea

Married in Sunbury, Ohio, on this date in 1847: second great-grandparents Henry Bennett Myers and Leonora Brown. This photo dates from the very early days of portrait photography. The state of the art at the time was the daguerreotype process, the first publicly announced photographic method, introduced in 1839. It required extremely long exposure times; subjects had to sit perfectly still for a minute or longer. I discovered the image when it appeared on findagrave.com, posted by a user named…

1920 Lillian ext fea

Born in Manteno, Illinois, on this date in 1859: great-grandfather William Theodore Drayer. Pictured in top photo about 1920, with his extended family. My mother is second from the right, in front.

1910c Petersons and Hoffs

Born in Vernon County, Wisconsin, on this date in 1896: Atley McKinley Pederson, cousin of my grandfather and good friend of my parents. In the top photo, Atley is the boy with the dark jacket, on the left end of the front row. He was featured on his death date of 9 April. Read more … Married in Bozeman, Montana, on this date in 1935: Uncle Bernard Dean Myers and Elizabeth “Bess” Griffiths. Bess has passed away, but “Uncle Barney” was recently…

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