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Myers Monument

Married in Frederick County, Maryland, on this date in 1792: fourth great-granduncle Michael Myers and Elizabeth Fout. Michael was a brother of Philip Myers, Revolutionary War patriot and patriarch of my mother’s family. The massive monument in top photo is located at Mount Olivet cemetery in Frederick. around its base are inscribed the names of several family members, including Michael and Elizabeth and one of their daughters. The stone was erected long after Michael’s death, by one of their grandsons.  Michael is…


Born in Sør-Fron, Norway, on this date in 1829: second great-grandmother Anne Madsdatter Maurhaugen (m. Volden). She married Amund Amundsen Volden in Norway, shortly before they emigrated to Coon Prairie, Wisconsin.

1919 Anna plus 4 fea

Born in Sidney, Montana, on this date in 1919: Uncle Robert George Larson. I don’t know where his middle name was from, but it was the inspiration for my own first name. Uncle Bob was a sailor in World War 2. Afterwards he became an aeronautical engineer, working on top-secret defense projects during the Cold War. He and Aunt Bernie raised seven children. The eldest five are pictured below, around 1960.

1980c MaryAnn Harvey Lenora Lila

Born in Sidney, Montana, on this date in 1918: Dad’s cousin Lila Mae Larson (m. Whited), daughter of granduncle Axel Larson. Pictured above with three of her siblings, about 1980. Lila and her husband, Floyd “Skeeter” Whited, lived very near to the former Isaac Larson homestead. When I was a child, my family would stay at their home on our summer visits. I fondly remember the home with no electricity or running water, a novelty to me in the 1950s.

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Myers, Colby, Drayer, Sprung In honor of Uncle Barney Myers’ 105th birthday, I prepared a slideshow for the family reunion in Billings, Montana, held in late July, 2015. I have added audio narration, background music, and a few more slides and stories for this video version, now available via YouTube. There are old photos, documents, and other evidence tracing four lines of Barney’s ancestry (and my own, and dozens of Myers relatives’) back to Revolutionary War times. Ancestors in at least…

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