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With Myers, Moen, Drayer, Colby, Samuelson, Sprung, and others

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1941 Harv Sus

Married on this date in 1940: Harvey Woodrow Larson and Susie Estella Combs. Harvey was first cousin and close friend of my father and his brothers. I remember them well from numerous visits, mostly at their place in Sidney, Montana, but also one or two at our home in Longview. Pictured below around 1980 with sisters (left to right) Mary Ann, Lenora, and Lila.

Born on this date in 1890: Albert Lawrence Larson. Larson who, you say??? Well, he is not biologically related to us, but he married Hulda Johnson Bjorge, daughter of our second great-grandaunt Anna Amundsdatter Volden (m. Bjorge). Thus, Albert’s many descendants (named Larson) are distant cousins of us Larsons, through grandmother Anna Moen! For more info on this branch of our family, see the excellent reference by cousin Orrin Moen, titled Whence We Came.

winnek castle

Born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, on this date in 1726: 5th great-grandmother Mary Chase (m. Colby). She was the second great-grandmother of our great grandma Helen Colby (m. Myers). Although this birth was nearly 300 years ago, the Colby line of New England goes back yet another century, to patriarch Anthony Colby. Read more … Top photo: Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill, built in the 1870s, inspired by the ancient stone castles of England.

1906 Axel Minnie Wed-c

Born in Vernon County, Wisconsin, on this date in 1883: Grandaunt Mina Franson (m. Larson), shown in top photo at her 1906 wedding with Axel Larson. Known in the Larson family as “Aunt Minnie,” she lived until 1976. Also, happy Independence day!

1888-2013 Sams Cr Churchi

Born in Maryland on this date in 1812: third great-grandmother Mary Ann Young (m. Zepp). Lived and was buried in Carroll County, Maryland, at Sams Creek Church of the Brethren (top photo). Her gravestone is in poor condition, with only the broken top portion lying flat on the ground. Shown below with the stone of her husband, Michael Zepp. Their daughter Mary Zepp married Peter Drayer, and is buried with him in Illinois. I visited the graves of both mother…

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