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My maternal great-grandparents; that is, parents of my mother’s mother. William Theodore Drayer was born in Kankakee County, Illinois, on 24 August 1859. His parents had come from Ohio and Maryland. Hattie (alt. Hannah) May Sprung was born in Huron County, Ontario, Canada, 24 January 1861. Sometime during the next several years, her family immigrated to Illinois, where she eventually met her future husband. They were married in Kankakee County  on 7 May 1884. Hattie’s parents eventually moved to Lincoln, Nebraska…

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Here is a link to a PowerPoint presentation I gave Jan. 19 at Bend Genealogical Society. Just click on the image below. You may then view or download all the slides and notes in PDF format. This serves as the “handout” for the talk, and may also be of interest to some Erickson relatives. It illustrates my two-step search approach, using the indexes of FamilySearch.org and Ancestry.com to find key details, then locating the corresponding records in the online archives of Norway and Sweden…


My paternal great-grandparents (parents of my father’s mother). Gunder Torgersen Moen was born in Faavang parish, Norway, at the farm Opsalhaugen. Top photo: Faavang Church. The stone fence around the churchyard was built by his father, Torger Gundersen, who at the time was residing at a place called Stenumgardskleven, hence the initials T.G.S. etched in a gatepost stone. Gunder came to Coon Prairie, Wisconsin, with his parents in 1877, at the age of ten. They apparently adapted their surname, Moen, from…

1908-2013 Ole stone fea

Hooray! I finally got around to this all-important profile. This will soon become a permanent “page,” accessible from the sidebar and linked to the family tree. Out of Norway Great-grandfather, patriarch of the huge Larson clan (including descendants with surnames Sletten, Raiten, Lunde, and others), and namesake of this very website, Ole Larson was born on 10 December 1841, in Oslo, Norway. His home, however, was 150 miles to the north, on the farm Skurdal, Sør-Fron parish, in the region of Gudbrandsdal…

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Happy New Year! There is now a “help” page that should have gone up a long time ago. We will keep this post stuck on top for a while, even though there are newer posts underneath it. “About the Site” contains a description of the two-part site, and tips for navigating around. Please check it out by clicking here, or access the page under “Info” in the top menu, or in the sidebar with other featured pages.

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