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Here are three images Uncle Ivan sent me. They are the first three pages of a letter (Ivan could only find those three) from grandmother Anna Moen Larson (Isaac’s wife). The letter was to Hazel, the wife of Isaac’s cousin  Harry Samuelson. The Samuelsons lived in Ontario, California at the time. My comments below the letter. Just click to post your own comments.

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Thanks, Uncle Ivan! The letter clarifies a detail I was a little vague about – I knew that they were planning to move to the west coast, in fact selling their horses and making preparations, before Anna took sick and died about ten months after this letter. But I did not know that Grandpa had come out on a scouting mission.

Interesting produce prices, 2.5c per pound for cabbage, 3c for carrots. Still, that 3c was probably hard to come by when your cash crop had failed, along with your vegetable garden. And dig the price of real estate near Seattle. But Grandma’s ill health and eventual death postponed those plans for as much as fifteen years. Read more about Isaac and Anna …

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