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I just received a packet from  third cousin Carmen Stifstad, great-granddaughter of Kari Larsdatter. In the late 1980’s, Carmen was researching in the Coon Prairie area, and met up with Aline Jernander. Aline had recently published “Larsons and Slettens,” but at the time it was unknown that Kari and her family had immigrated to Wisconsin three years after Ole and his companions. Carmen was actually searching for a Sletten connection, but after meeting Aline, found out it was Larsons instead.

It also turns out that I was not the first person to discover a “skeleton in the closet.” Working with a professional genealogist, Carmen discovered that Kari’s eldest son, Ole (yikes, yet *another* Ole!), had been born out of wedlock to Kari and one Rasmus Knudsen in S. Fron, seven years prior to her marriage to Ole Pedersen Nesseth in Gausdal parish. Afterward, the son lived as part of the family, taking their surname of Nesseth, immigrated with them, and raised a family of his own in America.

After the holidays, I will add the new info on all of Kari’s descendants to my database, and eventually to the website as well.

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