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One of the two sentencing documents (the one in Gothic *printing*) is now fully up, with its translation, at Supreme Court Sentence. Have a look and please comment. The handwritten document is also up – page 1, page 2 – but is not linked to within the site itself. It still needs a lot of work to decipher the script, and then translate. It is tantalizing, because it has a lot of detail not included in the printed version.

There are some big questions nagging at me:

1) Was the criminal justice system so advanced as to allow multiple appeals, all the way to the Supreme Court, for a what surely amounts to a “petty crime,” and was Anne’s legal defense provided by the state? Surely she could not have afforded to pay for it herself.

2) Was Anne free on something like “bail” for almost 11 months during these appeals? Keep in mind that Ole must have been conceived about 1-2 months before the final sentence on April 23, 1841.

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