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Still struggling with the handwritten court document. It will probably be after the holidays by the time I have something ready to publish, and it’s likely to be sketchy even then. Regarding just what Anne was accused of stealing, the printed document says only, “A good deal of foodstuffs, clothing, etc.,” nearly all of which was recovered after her arrest. In the cursive document, there is more detail, including the names of farms where the thefts took place, but not much about specific items stolen. So far, I have deciphered only one item, a word that appears twice, “Poteter,” translation, “potatoes.” Potatoes! Now that is poverty.  Remember Les Miserables (*not* the musical version)? At the beginning of the story, the protagonist has just spent 19 years in prison. His original crime (five-year sentence) was stealing bread for his starving family. For a sneak preview of the difficult document, see page1, page 2.

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