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I’m just getting around to reviewing the materials sent to me last month by cousin Carmen Stifstad, and updating my database with info on Kari Larsdatter (Ole’s sister) and her descendants. Kari had four children, 13 grandchildren, ten of whom married, so there are likely several dozen great-grandchildren, but I don’t have info on that generation, yet.  More updates to follow. Here is a snapshot, dated around 1910, of Kari and most of her descendants to that date (plus some spouses) Not pictured is her eldest son, Ole. His wife is there (#1), so maybe he is the photographer.


Carmen’s ancestors in the photo are her mother, Mabel Johnson (4), grandparents, Randine Nesseth Johnson (2) and Ole Johnson (11), and Kari herself (3). Again, fondest thanks to cousin Carmen. Stay tuned.

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