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Easter has been a big occasion in our family. In addition to the religious significance, it was a time to dress up, hunt for eggs and candy, and celebrate as a family. First, a clip from Uncle Walt of Easter 1943, starring Lois, Kenny, and Irene. I’m not sure if the “shoe” part was from Easter, but I think it was. Note the sincere appreciation of gifts that were not toys or candy:


Then from Reatha, 1950, a sugar-fest featuring Kenny, Myrna, Marcia, and George. Also Darlene, her friend Colleen (? I think), and Kathy & Karen Amundson(?):


Finally, 1955-56 with Reatha, Lovell, George, Bonnie and Patty. I’m not sure if the “bite-the-ducky” portion is from Easter, but it was too cute to leave out. The “dump-the-eggs” moment is another of my favorites:


If I have mis-identified anyone, please let me know. A blessed season to all.

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