Ole Larson's Folks

Here are two clips from the first filmed trip to N. Dakota, by Walt and family, approx. 1942. The first must be of a Nelson boy(?) with Lois, then Irene and sisters, and ends with some good old-fashioned family fun.


The other clip has two or three other families – I have no clue who.


I think I recognize the school building (Squaw Gap?) from the still photo below, and the nearby badlands also look familiar. The still was taken at the time of Grandpa’s funeral in Skaar, 1969. It was just months before Lovell died, & is probably the last picture of the five brothers together.


So, if you recognize the folks in the videos, especially the second one, please chime in. Lots more of these ND folks awaiting recognition.

Tracing Helene
Helene Olsdatter immigration