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I have found information refuting my theory on the immigration of Helene Olsdatter. There was a Marit Osldatter, age 28, of N. Fron parish, who sailed on the Angelo with Gunder and Engebret Olsen (Sletten) on 3 June 1881. With her was 4-year-old Ole Olsen. So, my updated theory is that that Marit (“M. Olsdatter”) and Ole were on the Lord Clive with G and E Olsen. I still think it was the Slettens on that ship, but now back to square 2 with Helene Olsdatter.

So far, I’m sticking with square 1 for Helene; that it was she who sailed on the Angelo on 20 May, 1881. That is contrary to the thinking of Aline and Clarice, who placed her immigration 2 years later, with other Slettens (details as yet unclear). I resist that notion because Alma Larson, according to family lore the illegitimate daughter of Ole Larson with Helene, must have been conceived around April of 1883. There is also the question of “Kari Hanson,” daughter of Helene prior to Alma Larson, about whom I have learned virtually nothing so far. Was Helene married before Ole? No info (yet).

I apologize if these family skeletons are still uncomfortable for anyone, but to me they are part of an increasingly interesting and complex narrative. By the same token, my understanding and sensitivity is also increasing about why “those Norwegians didn’t talk much.” Stay tuned.

Helene Olsdatter immigration
Anne Larsdatter in 1880 census