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Good golly, it’s been 10 days since I made a post. I haven’t been idle, but perhaps negligent. Remember Ragnhild Kjorstad? The “Ragnhild letter” is featured in the Sources section. A few months ago, she sent me back an annotated copy of the letter, with some citations penciled in. It took me this long, but I finally correlated the notations with “the” bygdebok:  Garder og Slekter i Fron by Einar Hovdhaugen. As usual, there are some answers but even more questions. If I can resolve even a few of these questions, the bygdebok will be elevated to the Sources section.

Lars Poulsen is listed in the census of 1801 on the Flaate farm, age 9 years. His mother is listed as Mari Pedersdatter, widow, age 54. We’ll leave his siblings be for now.

Here is the selection from the bygdebok dealing with Lars’ parents:


Very rough translation: Paul Sveinsen bought Flaataa in 1776 from children of Hans Hansen [by guardians?] for 580 [money]. He first married with Kari Iversdtr. and [next?]-married with Mari Pedersdtr. Paul Sveinsen died in 1797. He was [known??] from Litlgard.

I’m still looking for translation of some key words here. But, since he married (2nd marriage?) Mari Pedersdatter, and died before the 1801 census, I can easily accept that he was the father of Lars Paulsen. And I think (as Ranghild does) that he came from the Litlgard (Lillegard) farm in Nord-Fron, per the last sentence.

Unfortunately, there is another Paul Sveinsen who held the Litlgard farm from 1760 until at least 1790, according to the same bygdebok. He has a different wife, and death date (as well as a specified birth date), so must not be the same guy. This throws the previous three generations of our ancestry into doubt. Stay tuned.

Anne Larsdatter in 1880 census
Another Court Document

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