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On her most recent trip to Norway, cousin Myrna generously offered to visit the Regional State Archive of Oslo, where she requested a copy of  another document concerning Great-great-grandma Anne Larsdatter’s prison experience. This one is from the “Stiftsoverret,” which I think is roughly analagous to an appeals court in the US. It was issued about eight months before the Høyesterret (Supreme Court) sentence, and is the third and last action referenced in that document.

I just received the copy in the mail from Myrna. Tusen takk, cousin! It’s going to take some serious time to get any info from it. There is no printed version, as there was for the Supreme Court, only handwriting that is even less legible than the other one. First I’ll be seeking help to transcribe the handwriting, then help, most likely from another source, to translate.

It is quite long, and I’m sure will have further details on our ancestor’s alleged crime. It may or may not have clues as to whether she was in custody during the eight months following this sentence, prior to its being upheld by the Supreme Court. That is the issue I am most curious about.

For a sneak preview of the document in its original form, click here.

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