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The drive from Dubuque to northern Vernon County, Wisconsin took longer than expected.

map of SW Wisconsin

After a nice lunch at the “Badger Crossing” with Aline, Clarice, and Sam, we went to Brush Creek church and cemetery.

Brush Creek church

Brush Creek church

No one among us knew when the church was built. It must have been after the fire anecdote that Aline related in “Larsons and Slettens,” and prior to 1906. Great-uncle Axel’s wedding photo from that year (published in the same book) shows in the background the very artwork that is still displayed in the chancel.

Church interior

Church interior

Out in the cemetery, Aline guided us to the graves of a slew of relatives. The first was Ole and his first wife Anne (Samuelsdatter).

Ole's stone

Ole’s stone

The stone was placed by cousin Aline relatively recently, prior to about 1980 when my mother photographed it.

Nearby is the grave of Ole’s mother, Anne (Larsdatter).

Anne's stone

Anne’s stone

Her correct birth date, as discovered in the primary sources, is 1801. Anne is buried alongside Ole’s sister Mari, Mari’s husband, and one child. Anne’s stone is very similar to those of the three Stigens; they must all have been placed by the Stigen family.

Stigen stones

Stigen stones

Anne Samuelsdatter’s brother, Ole (Samuelson), is also buried at Brush Creek, as are his wife and at least one son, Sidney.

Several of Ole Larson’s children are there, including Smith Larson.

Smith's stone

Smith’s stone

I had thought that Smith was a merchant marine. Maybe that was after he was a US Marine? I also heard for the first time that Smith had died after losing a leg with gangrene. Unclear how long that was before his death, or what kind of injury the leg had suffered. Other details are needed on these questions.

On the Moen side, Anna Moen’s parents, Gunder and Maria, are buried at Brush Creek.

Gunder Moen's stone

Gunder Moen’s stone

There are lots of other Moens there. When I get home and see the Moen book, I will try to figure out which ones are related.

So for myself, and all the grandchildren of Isaac Larson, we have four great-grandparents and one great-great buried at Brush creek. There are some more great-greats at Coon Prairie, coming up in a later post.

Sorry this is taking so long. I’m just really busy right now.

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