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On June 12, Thiel and I fly (separate itineraries, due to Frequent Flier miles, etc.) to Dubuque, IA to visit Dana, Katy, Madeline, Caleb, and Lucas. While we are there, I am planning to hijack a car, drive about 2 hours to SW Wisconsin, and do some genealogy. Thiel and/or Dana or others may come along if I can persuade them.

One planned stop is in Westby, site of the famous Coon Prairie Norwegian settlement of the mid-1800’s. That is where we think all of the Larson and Sletten immigrants first arrived. More importantly for me, that is where cousin Norma Samuelson Haakenstad lives to this day. Norma is the de facto genealogist for the Samuelson family (relatives of Ole Larson’s first wife Anne Samuelsdatter, my great-grandmother). There are huge gaps in my knowledge of this branch of the family, and Norma has the material to fill many of them. She has assembled two books, copies of which may no longer be available, but I hope to copy or photograph essential information.

The big thrill will be meeting up with cousin Aline, who has eagerly offered to guide me through the Brush Creek cemetery and nearby sites. Those sites include Ole Larson’s farm, where the original house is run-down but still standing, Olaf Larson’s log cabin, where Aline and Clarice were born, and hopefully, the home of Mari Larsdatter and Hans Hanson Stigen, where great-great-grandma Anne Larsdatter Skurdalshougen lived out her late years. As you faithful readers know, Anne Larsdatter is a “heroine” among my ancestors. I am ecstatic at the prospect of treading the ground she may have trod, visiting her grave, and paying my respects. Equally excited about connecting in person with Aline, whom I haven’t seen for a huge number of years, certainly not since she has become my genealogy “heroine.”

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