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Here is another gravestone at Brush Creek cemetery.

Ole E Sletten, (born) 24 Sept, 1831, (died) 15 Mar 1893

Ole E Sletten, (born) 24 Sept, 1831, (died) 15 Mar 1893

While not a direct ancestor of mine, this “Ole” is a co-ancestor of well over 100 of Ole Larson’s descendants.

I don’t personally know any Slettens, except for cousins Aline and Clarice. But here is a brief rundown, as gathered from (where else?) “Larsons and Slettens 1985.”

In 1898, Josephine Johnson (daughter of Ole Larson’s sister Marit) married Johannes Sletten, younger brother of Gunder and Engebret, et. al. (children of Ole E. Sletten). Josephine and Johannes had 4 children (only one survived to adulthood), 4 grandchildren, 10 great, and 12 great-great grandchildren – as of 1985 (the same cutoff date as all other listings).

In 1912, Paula Larson (Ole Larson’s daughter) married Clarence Sletten, son of Gunder. They had 7 children, 21 grandchildren, 27 great.

In 1919, Hilda Raiten (daughter of Ole’ Larson’s daughter Alma Larson Raiten) married Alf Sletten, another son of Gunder. They had 5 children, 16 grandchildren, 19 great.

In 1924, Olaf Larson married Helga Sletten, daughter of Gunder. They had 2 children (Aline and Clarice), 8 grandchildren, 9 great.

In 1925, Herman Larson married Esther Sletten, another daughter of Gunder. They had 4 children, 6 grand, and 3 great, also as of 1985.

That is just from a quick run-through of “Larsons and Slettens.” If I have overlooked anyone, please let me know.

The point is, there are a lot of Larson-Stetten cousins out there. Only a few are reading this blog, but I have been on a tear tracing their pedigree.

Gunder and Engebret immigrated in 1881. All the other Slettens came at some later time. Aline, and Clarice, and I have all worked hard trying to find the immigration of the others, with no success so far. But thanks to Digitalarkivet and FamilySearch, I have traced their line *way* back in Norway. Stay tuned.

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