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Again, it was a comment by cousin Lois that kind of got me on a kick. She remarked how much the childhood picture of her dad resembled her own childhood pictures. In fact, I found one that is pretty blurry but really captures what Lois was saying. Not only the expression, but the stocking cap, and even the hands – as if grasping a steering wheel (or maybe reins, in Walt’s case). I have some cuter and clearer pictures of little Lois, but this one best makes her point.1913-1938 Walt-LoisBut it isn’t just Lois and her dad. Check out Reatha and daughter Darlene – both in one of their cheesier moments.1932-1950 Rea-Dar cheesySorry if I’m embarrassing anyone. Now I’m going to flog myself a little. Here I am celebrating my fifth birthday with a pout as big as any of my dad’s “famous” ones.1919-1952 Lov GeoEven though my high-school portrait is one I thoroughly loathe, there are a few similarities to my infinitely more handsome father and uncles.

1964-1941 Geo Lov UnclesAnd to my (even more handsome) Grandpa.

1912-1964 Ike GeoFinally, a couple of pairs from the next generations.

1963-1995c San Claire KLynn Anna

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