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Dang!@* I meant to post this 3 weeks ago, and just noticed it in the “Drafts” folder. No wonder no one had commented on this important new website feature. As promised, there is now a page in the Generations section called “Full Pedigrees.” Once on this page, you can select any of six family branches: Isaac Larson, Anna Moen, Dan Myers, Lillian Drayer, Gunder Sletten, and Helena Olsdatter. You will then see a window containing a tree of *all* known ancestors of that individual. Some of them are very large – Anna Moen’s is the biggest (thanks mainly to cousin Orrin), with about 850 names. You can then click on the name of any one of them to see a detailed 6-generation pedigree chart for him or her. There is also an index of individuals, a surname index, and a timeline for each of the six branches. I hope you enjoy this new feature, made possible by a free software program called GedBrows. It was a lot of work to get it presentable, and work through some technical difficulties, but worth it, I hope. A happy and prosperous New Year to all.

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