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Tusen Takk to cousin Mary and her mother Clarice, who found her copy of Utvandringa Til Amerika … in English translation, and sent me the narrative pages. There is some excellent background and statistics there, relating not only to Ringebu, but all of Gudbrandsdal, and indeed all of Norway. Here is a passage that illuminates the unpleasant experience of Anne Larsdatter and Ole Larson in particular:Utvand

Ringebu parish is directly adjacent to Sør-Fron. The four years of crop failures from 1836-1839 must surely have been a factor in Anne Larsdatter’s “crime,” stealing a bucketful of potatoes and some cured fish, in March of 1840. The author’s statement that people “did not actually starve to death” may be technically correct, but surely many children and others died early from diseases sorely aggravated by hunger and malnutrition.

Speaking of criminal matters, I have finally found someone to help me transcribe the “next” document, from the appeals court, which contains some more details on Anne’s case. This is the document that cousin Myrna kindly obtained on her trip to Norway last spring. Stay tuned.

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