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Apropos to  the holiday season, I just busted open a whole new package of my ancestors. Not Larsons (sorry), but by my maternal grandfather, Dan Myers. Today, I explored for the first time the pedigree of Helen Colby Myers, Dan’s mother. It turns out that the Colby line (along with lines of several of their spouses) goes straight back to Massachusetts in the early 1600’s; that is, the first decades after the Mayflower. The Mayflower itself landed in 1620; I did not find any of these ancestors on that famous passenger list (numerous ships followed in the next few years), but at least six of them were born in Massachusetts colony during the next 15 years. Several branches can be traced back to England, one as far as the 1400’s.

Mayflower 1620

Mayflower 1620

I am checking with cousin Gail Myers whether he had this info already; I definitely was not aware of it until now. This thread needs a lot more work, which will have to wait until after Christmas.  Blessed Yule  to all.

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