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Those Pilgrims just keep on giving! I first found the connection, and those first 70 ancestors, on my last shift at the LDS center before holiday break. Today, I found another 20-30 direct ancestors via the same Colby – New England connection (ancestors of Dan Myers). These include at least one, maybe two more *very* early New England families, and their ancestors in Europe. I have not added them to the main data yet.

I didn’t even finish; there is one line that goes back to the 1300’s in France, where it hits royalty. You know what that means – we can probably follow this one well back into the first milennium C.E.

Meanwhile, some verification is trickling in on my earlier finds. Here is a detail to add to our “skeletons in the closet:” My 7th great-grandparents, Thomas Frame(1649-1708) and Mary Rowell, had an affair that  “… precipitated a hasty marriage on  18 Sept. 1673. For this morals offense, he was sentenced to be whipped 15 stripes, unless he pay a fine of 4 pounds, and she was to be whipped 10 stripes, or pay a fine of 40 shillings.”

Ouch! I am guessing the “morals offence” was merely premarital sex resulting in pregnancy, but there may have been more to it. The source, “Fifty Great Migration Colonists …” by John Brooks Threlfall, 1990, gives no further details. Oh, those Puritans!

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