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Earlier, I mentioned in passing that one line of those New England ancestors of Dan Myers goes back to medieval European royalty.  As I expected, those pedigrees are well researched and documented, going back several more centuries. I have now added nearly all of them to my database, and you can view them by going to “full pedigrees” and selecting Dan Myers.

Before I began the “Pilgrim Connection,” my knowledge of Dan’s pedigree totaled about 36 individuals. There are now over 800! About 200 of these were already in the database, due to cross-connections (more on this later). The other 600, I have added manually over the past month. Some of the more familiar names among these ancestors are: King John of England (1166-1216; legendary enemy of Robin Hood), William the Conqueror (c. 1027-1087), King Philip I of France (1053-1108), Duncan I of Scotland (d. 1040; highly fictionalized in Shakespeare’s Macbeth), Hugh Capet (940-996; first king of France), Vladimir I of Kiev (958-1015), and of course our old friend, Charlemagne (742-814). Wait a minute … I was already related to those last two. Stay tuned.

Pilgrim Connection, Update 3
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