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In the previous post, we uncovered a whole new line from my mother, Reatha Myers Larson, back to the royalty of medieval Europe, by way of a scheming duke named Henry Stafford. This  time, the line is linked to Dan Myers’ father, and wouldn’t you know, it shows that Dan’s father and mother were distant cousins. Incidentally, this brings us into royalty a century or so later than previous connections, and gives us literally hundreds more documented ancestors. I am not finished bringing them into my data yet; in fact, out of fatigue, I am abandoning many lines if they do not lead to kings or queens, or connect in some important way with other ancestors.

Edward III
King Edward III

Henry Stafford was part of the extended Plantagenet dynasty, which lasted from 1133-1485. Among other connections, he was, three times over, 3rd great grandson of King Edward III (lived 1312-1377). Of the 15 kings in the dynasty, here are five others who are my direct ancestors: Edward II, Edward I, Henry III, John, and Henry II. The last three are ancestors of both of Dan Myers’ parents.

These were dangerous times. While the kings and their relatives enjoyed lives of privilege, power, and luxury, deadly perils lurked at every turn. Of those six monarchs named above, at least one died by murder, another as an indirect result of his military defeat, and others ascended the throne following the premature death and/or violent overthrow of their predecessors. Besides their job hazards, they were as vulnerable as others to the prevailing pandemics; at least one died of the Black Plague. Some of their stories are apt to find their way into future posts. Stay tuned.

Mary Stafford
Great-Grandma, She-Wolf

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