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I just found *THE* source I have been looking for, but didn’t know anything about until I found it.Wtoming bio title pageThis 3-volume work (dated 1889, in case the date above is too faint) is an exhaustive history of the Yankee (New England) settlers in the Wyoming valley of Pennsylvania. Volume 2 contains about twenty pages on the Myers-Bennett families, including extensive coverage of the entire Pennamite-Yankee wars of 1771-1789, and the intersecting Revolutionary War. There are detailed accounts of all the military encounters, arrests, murders, etc., interspersed with personal anecdotes from the perspective of the Bennets and Myers’, including direct quotes from the words of Martha Bennett Myers, my fourth great-grandmother.

The Myers brothers, being Germans from Maryland, were not Yankees per se, but fought on the Patriot side, and threw in their lot with them when they moved to the Wyoming Valley following the Revolution.

I will be posting excerpts from the above-mentioned pages, with my own commentary, in coming days. But the complete original can be read for free at this site. The section on the Myers and Bennett families begins near the bottom of page 629. Caveat: The narrative is strictly from the Yankee perspective. The Pennamites may have a competing version, even more so, the Indians, who are reviled on every page of this source.

Wyoming Captive
Lawrence and Philip Myers