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I have begun organizing my posts into more coherent groups, arranged in roughly chronological order. In the jargon of my blogging software, they are called “pages.” You can see them listed in the sidebar at the right. For the most part, they are identical to the original posts, so if you have followed the blog for a long time, or thoroughly explored the archives, you will not find much new material; only a few additional pictures, and some minor clarifications. However, if you want to read a series of stories as a more smoothly flowing narrative, you may find the “pages” to your liking. The first several are now up, dealing with our earliest documented ancestors, from Roman Emperors in the B.C. era, up to King Henry VIII in the 1500’s (Well, Henry is not a known ancestor;  his father overthrew the last of our “royal” blood, Richard III). More are being added almost daily.

The original archives are still in place as well, so you can find the posts there, the same as before. I hope that some of my newer readers will find the new format helpful.

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