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I have just posted the second item in the “Descendants” section. It is “Whence We Came,” by cousin Orrin Moen. Orrin wrote this book shortly after Aline published “Larsons & Slettens” in the late 1980’s. In addition to the Moen’s, three more immigrant families are detailed: Volden, Hovde, and Franson.  A few words are in order about how all these families are related to the Larsons.

Let us confine the discussion to biological relationships. Relations by marriage are multiple, very much more complex, and certainly link us all. First, the descendants of Isaac Larson are related to all the Moen’s and the Volden’s (Family of Anna “Annie” Moen’s mother). Next, the Axel Larson line is related to all of the Franson’s (relatives of Axel’s wife, Mina “Minnie” Franson). Thus, Isaac’s and Axel’s descendants are listed in both books (Aline’s and Orrin’s). Finally, Axel’s line is also related to the descendants of Jeremias Hovde, who married Minnie’s sister, Laura Franson. This line includes George Moen’s descendants (including author Orrin).

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