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I have not been idle since my last posting. In mid-October, I attended a genealogy seminar in Medford, Oregon, my first “formal education” in the field. I got a lot of good ideas for new ways to poke around at the several dead-ends I have been griping about. At the same time, I met cousin Gail Myers at his home near Medford. It was our first face-to-face meeting, after several years of lively correspondence. Long-time readers will recognize his name as a key contributor to my work, and consequently to this site.

Gail’s niece from South Carolina, cousin Paula Aldous Howell, used my visit as an excuse to fly to Oregon to see her uncle, and also to meet me for the first time. Paula has unearthed a lot of important documents, including some on the Wyoming Valley, and some military records of Henry B. Myers and Stephen B. Myers.

But after the conference, events intervened to slow down my work quite a bit. First, a visit to California for several family functions. And since then, I have been immersed in a project quite far removed from genealogy, except for one important link. I will “spill the beans” within a couple of days. Stay tuned.

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