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Paul Frazer, another volunteer with Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, has located the probate record of Michael Myers, dated 12 Feb. 1816. As I hoped, it lists the names of all seven of Michael and Elizabeth’s children. They were:

Catherine, wife of George Eichelberger
Mary Myers
Charlotte, wife of John Eikert
Miranda Myers
Lawrence Madison Fout Myers
Thomas Jefferson Myers
Josephine Myers

So there you have it – the proof I was looking for that I have been studying the right person: Micheal Myers, the “blacksmith of Myers Ford,” is positively the brother of Philip Myers. A million thanks to Paul and to RAOGK. Apparently, Madison Myers dropped the leading name when he removed to Pennsylvania, perhaps in deference to his uncle Lawrence, who, although deceased by then, was a prominent figure in the local community.

Let’s hope that this will help lead us to the parents of Michael (and of Philip, Lawrence, and Henry), German immigrants to Maryland whose names have yet to be uncovered. Unless, of course, they are Valentin and Teresia Meyer of the Mainz church records. That would be lovely, as I traced at least five generations of their ancestors, back to around 1600. But see this post for the problem with that notion.

Stay tuned.

Martha Bennet Myers, Historian
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