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Dear readers: I apologize for the long hiatus, but I am now back from three weeks in Norway with enough good stuff for at least a half-dozen articles.

The centerpiece of our journey was a four-day “roots” tour of the valley Gudbrandsdalen, from whence came all of my paternal ancestors, that is, all ancestors of Isaac Larson and Anna Moen.

Nord-Fron from KirketuftAs with most photos in this series, you may click on the image for a full-screen sized version.

With a lot of help from two extremely generous and knowledgeable local friends, we visited and photographed the farms where all of my great- and second-great grandparents were born, as well as some third- and older generations. Some, but not all, of these farms are listed on the map below.

mapEach of these farms, and others, will be featured in upcoming posts, grouped according to the associated ancestors. Of course, on many of them, there were no buildings or features old enough to have been around in those days, but on others, there were ruins or old structures that may very well have been there that long.

riuns at flaateSo keep in touch. Subscribe to the blog if this interests you, and please make any comments that may come to mind. I promise the first substantive post will be up within a few days. I will only be posting material of genealogical interest here. For lots more photos and comments from the rest of our Norway trip (where we were ordinary tourists), see my Facebook profile.

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