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My apology for the lack of recent postings. I have not been idle, but certainly have neglected the blog. Thanks especially to my Larson relatives for your patience, as what few posts I have written this year have been on the Myers side, as I labored to update the descendants info for that branch, down to the present day. That project is nearly complete; results will be posted soon in the Descendants section of the site.

Just a little housekeeping today: I have eliminated the Category “Ancestral Sites in Norway,” the series on my visit to our ancestral farms last August. The original posts are still in place, but to see them in the order I posted them, you can now go to the “Page” with that title. I was unhappy with the “category,” because the posts appeared in reverse order. That is fine when the articles are posted, but for a series like that, I prefer to present it in chronological order once complete.

For my “next big thing,” I plan to update the Larson descendants to the same level as the Myers; that is, all descendants of Ole Larson. This is still in the planning stage, as it a much more gigantic project. To wit: on the Myers side, I have (at my best count) 9 first cousins and 20 second. Contacting (nearly) all of these was a pretty big job, more so because I didn’t even know of the existence of several second cousins until the project was under way.

On the Larson side, thanks to cousin Aline and her “Larsons and Slettens 1985,” I’m pretty sure I know all the names. But there are 19 first cousins, and 91 second to account for! And it is Aline who is my inspiration. She accomplished a task of similar size 27 years ago, without benefit of email, Facebook, People-finders, or anything else but snail-mail and telephone.

I will be contacting many of you in the near future for help. Expect to hear from me, and wish me luck.

Leonora Brown Myers (1881-1974)
Samuel Jorgenson's Burial