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Belated thanks to Tom Welch, a distant cousin and genealogist, who supplied me with images of the second Myers Bible, an invaluable primary source. Tom has a family tree on Ancestry.com, in which I found yet another “Lawrence Myers.” This one appears to be an outlier, in terms of the generational chain of “Lawrences” we have been discussing. Each link below points to an individual’s profile on the main genealogy site, from there, you can easily click to the person’s ancestors, family group, or descendants. I have also edited the previous post to include such links.

This is the only one so far who shares the given name, but is not part of that chain, or perhaps is a new link. Lawrence Weaver Myers (1889-1942), son of William Penn Myers, grandson of Madison and Harriet Myers. Only the second Lawrence with a known middle name. More remarkably, until 1985, there were no known descendants with a middle name of Lawrence. This amounts to a rather exclusive club, given the way the Myers family recycles their names.

Contrast that lineup with “Philip:” One son of the “original” Philip Myers was named Philip Thomas Myers, but went by his middle name for most of his life. Next, there were combinations of “Thomas Philip,” “Henry Philip,” “Philip L,” another “Philip” without a known middle name, and “Philip Myer Goodwin,” and those are just the grandsons! As for great-grandsons, I know of two but there were undoubtedly many more; by then I have lost track of most branches.

Here’s hoping that your Holidays, and even these hectic days leading up, are filled with family and good cheer. Pray for the grieving families in Connecticut.

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