Ole Larson's Folks

I found this document in Salt Lake City last November.

Ole & Anne married 1870

The information is not new, but this is a good source citation for several facts. I have posted a “page” combining it with several sources discovered earlier to map a timeline of the Samuelson family.

I also found a naturalization document for an Ole Larson with approximately the correct dates. Normally, an alien must be in the country for five years before declaring for naturalization. Since Ole arrived in 1865, 1870 is a prime year to look for such activity. Other than the timing, there is no proof that this is the correct “Ole Larson.”

This turned out to be a false alarm. When I found the declaration dated 01 June 1870, it gave Ole’s birth date as 1814. The genealogy of this Ole Larson can be found elsewhere.

I have not yet found exactly when “our” Ole acquired the land where he raised his family, but the marriage record shows him already living in Clinton Township. More facts as they come to light.


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