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Marte Østensdatter Forbrigd, as she is known in most genealogies, or Marte Bø, as I have called her, is at the center of a most bizarre and perplexing “murder mystery,” set in the Gudbrandsdal region of central Norway in the 1690s. The basic facts of the story are well-documented. She is also a documented ancestor of all my Larson relatives, and countless other Norwegian-Americans. I recently wrote about this in a 12-part series you can find by clicking this link. Now, cousin Joanne Lillevold has revised and updated her PowerPoint slide show, the work that served as my inspiration and source. The show includes dozens of details and images that I chose (with difficulty) to leave out of my retelling, plus all of her source materials in both the original language(s) and Joanne’s translation. I am pleased to present that slide show here at Ole Larson’s Folks. Just click on the image below to view the entire presentation. There you will find some simple instructions, from which you can quickly move on to the show itself. murder1

Mini-Journey 2014, part 3: Central Iowa
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