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Reorganization is on hold for the moment. My “professional help” seems to have vanished, and I may have to seek help elsewhere. However, I am making an unrelated resolution for the new year, which is to post more entries on the blog.

To that end, beginning tomorrow, I will post a brief article every day, with a “today in our family history” theme. When there are any birth, death, or wedding anniversaries of deceased ancestors, at least one will be highlighted. On the rare days when no such anniversaries occur, I will post something about a figure or event in world history.

That means that when I actually have something more substantial to present, there will be two posts in a single day (woo-hoo!). Alternatively, when (or if) the site redesign comes to fruition, these daily items may become a featured blurb on the home page, instead of a blog post per se. Either way, I am resolved to put up “normal” posts more often in 2015.  Happy New Year, everyone!time

Moving Day
Helene's mystery daughter

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