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Family Tree search capability

… has finally arrived on the home page and other content pages. This is a big upgrade, and long overdue. Now in each page’s sidebar, you can enter a first and/or last name (partial names will do), and be taken directly to the search results in the Larson-Myers family tree. Try it out!

Tips: The feature does not search for alternate spellings, i.e. searching for Larson will not find Larsen, etc. It does find any name that contains exactly what you type, anywhere in the name. so if you search for the last name Haugen, it will return everyone with last names of Haugen, Bakkehaugen, Monshaugen, etc. etc.

It is not case-sensitive: if you’re a lazy typist, you don’t have to worry about the caps key.

To fine-tune your search, there are many options available on the results page, by clicking “Search” in the upper left, then “Advanced Search” to access all the features.

Pardon Our Dust!
Amund Amundsen Volden (1829-1882)