Ole Larson's Folks

Born in Vernon County, Wisconsin, on this date in 1873: grandaunt Louise Larson (m. Kohlstedt), second child of Ole Larson and Anne Samuelsdatter, the first to survive infancy. Pictured above with her husband, Edward Kohlsted, and their only daughter, Edna Kohlstedt, about 1911. Louise was divorced early on, and at times kept house for the Isaac Larson family both before and after Grandma Anna’s death. Here she is (rather blurred), with Lovell, Walt, and cousin Harvey Larson, about 1919. I like the expression on Harvey’s face.

1919c  Lov Walt Harv Louisei

More photos of “Aunt Lucy” were featured on her death date, 28 April.

11 August
13 August