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It is a pleasure to observe the birthday of uncle Bernard Dean “Barney” Myers, born in Frankfort, South Dakota, on this date in 1910(!). Of both my parents and their siblings (eleven in all), Barney is the oldest, and the only one still living. Not just living, but independent and active in Billings, Montana. His accomplishments are featured in the national news every year or so.

In July of 2015, his daughters held a family reunion in honor of 105 years, which I was privileged to attend. What a pleasure to meet so many cousins for the first time, and others I had not seen for over 50 years! Barney himself was in great form, negotiating a full flight of stairs at the venue with only a cane to steady himself. His hearing was poor, but his mind incredibly clear, his speech slow but articulate and engaging. And at last report, Uncle Barney is still alive and very well. Happy Birthday, Uncle!IMG_9590

12 September
14 September