Ole Larson's Folks

Died in Vernon County, Wisconsin, on this date in 1908: great-grandfather Ole Larson, namesake of this site and patriarch of the Larson clan. Also featured on his birth date just 13 days ago,. I don’t know whether Ole died at home (most people did, back then); if so, it was in the home where he lived for 33 years and raised his family (top photo, taken in 2009). Buried less than a mile away, at Brush Creek Church. Coming soon on this site: a proper profile of this highly important ancestor.

1908-2013 Ole stone best


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Also, Married in Vernon County on this date in 1924: granduncle Olaf Larson and Helga Sletten. They lived in the cabin shown below (also photographed in 2009).


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And, on the Myers side, born in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, on this date in 1797: third great-grandfather on the Myers side, David Sprung.

Prince Ed

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