Ole Larson's Folks

Born in Sidney, Montana, on this date in 1917: Uncle Vernon Larson. Vernon was third of the five Larson boys. Thanks partly to the help of his elder brothers, Lovell and Walt, Vernon was the first to graduate high school. He went on to a career as a high school teacher and administrator. He and his wife Audrey, née Walker, had six children. Our families visited each other often, so these cousins were good friends and frequent playmates. Below with their two eldest, Joyce and Linda.1945 Vern Aud Joyce Linda port

Also, born on this date in 1910: Chester Orion Larson, son of Axel and Minnie, and thus first cousin of the “Larson boys.” Chester passed away at only age six. Here, in remembrance, is a snapshot of Chester, from the collection of Mary Ann Larson Meschke.

1915c Chester Larson


22 July
24 July