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Died in Carroll, Iowa, this date in 1894: Thiel’s great-grandmother Mary Eleanor Mohler (m. Beechel). Shown below with husband, Philip Beechel.

Phil and Mary Beechel GRB 1571i

Mary was 37 when she died, of complications at the birth of her sixth child. The baby, named after her mother, died several days later. Buried at Carroll City Cemetery.

1922-1894 Mary inscription DSC_0157

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Baptized in Ringebu, Norway, on this date in 1761: fourth great-grandfather Christin Haagensen Myrin. He was grandfather of Anne Bakkehougen (m. Moen), who was in turn the grandmother of my paternal grandmother, Anna Moen.

1761 Christen bapt


23 March
25 March