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Married in Sunbury, Ohio, on this date in 1847: second great-grandparents Henry Bennett Myers and Leonora Brown. This photo dates from the very early days of portrait photography. The state of the art at the time was the daguerreotype process, the first publicly announced photographic method, introduced in 1839. It required extremely long exposure times; subjects had to sit perfectly still for a minute or longer.

I discovered the image when it appeared on findagrave.com, posted by a user named “anonymous.” A message I sent to the user went unanswered. I suspect it was one of the Stephen F. Myers family of Boise, Idaho, but have not yet confirmed it. Whoever it was, I am extremely grateful. The handwriting below the photo is that of great-grandmother Helen Colby Myers. Read more …

1847c Henry Leonora


24 August
26 August