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Died in Ringebu, Norway, on this date in 1871: third great-grandfather Gunder Johannes Opsalhaugen. Probably buried at Faavang church (top photo), although no marker survives. However, Gunder’s son Torger (who later emigrated to Wisconsin) built a stone fence surrounding the churchyard, and commemorated the family by etching his initials on the gatepost.


The initials stand for Torger Gundersen Stenumgaardskleven, referring to the farm where Torger must have lived at the time.  That is also the farm where Gunder was born, while Torger himself was born at Opsalhaugen. When Torger and his family immigrated, they chose the surname Moen, presumably alluding to the farm where they last lived, Rørviksmoen.

25 March
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