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Buried in Sør-Fron, Norway, on this date in 1805: fourth great-grandfather David Jonsen Skurdal. He was paternal grandfather of Anne Larsdatter, matriarch of the American Larson clan (with Hanson, Nesseth, and Johnson, the married names of her daughters). According to local historian Pål Kjørstad, David Jonsen, whose origins are unknown, was the original settler on a piece of land now called Davidhaugen, part of the Skurdal farm complex. Pål emphasized that “David” was a very unusual given name back then. It is thought that the tenant plot was inherited by David’s son Lars Davidsen, then by Lars’ daughter Anne Larsdatter and her husband Lars Poulsen, my second great-grandparents. Read more about Skurdal … Read more about Anne Larsdatter…

Davidhaugen 2

Davidhaugen under Skurdal

26 October
28 October