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Baptized in Mainz, Germany, on this date in 1759: twin boys named Jacob and Philip “Mayer.” From available evidence, it does not appear that this was our patriarch Philip Myers, but I continue to hold out some hope. The problem is, that in America, Philip’s brother Lawrence Myers is well documented, about five years older than Philip, while in the Mainz churchbooks, no such sibling can be found. Additionally, there are three siblings in the church records not mentioned in America. These latter may have died in Germany; Philip’s twin Jacob probably did, as another son named Jacob was baptized in 1765. There were no more children recorded after that, which would fit with the family’s emigration in 1766. But with no record of Lawrence, nor any brother of that approximate age, the whole idea remains quite doubtful. Read more …

Myers House

27 November
29 November