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Two weddings of note. Married this date in 1871: my great grandaunt Marit Larsdatter (sister of Ole Larson) and Engebret Johnson. And in 1912, Manda Larson (half-sister of Isaac) and Henry Olivus Lunde.

Marit’s headstone at Coon Prairie has been repaired at least once since 1880, but is illegible today.

1880 Marit stone

From the two or three letters I could make out in the arch section, my guess is it was lettered something like this:

1880 Marit stone

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Manda Larson and Henry Lunde raised their family in Minnesota. I have never met any of those folks in person, but cousin Andrea Otto loaned me some photos of them. Read more about Manda …

1927 Manda Norman Rick



5 February
7 February