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Married in Frederick County, Maryland, on this date in 1792: fourth great-granduncle Michael Myers and Elizabeth Fout. Michael was a brother of Philip Myers, Revolutionary War patriot and patriarch of my mother’s family. The massive monument in top photo is located at Mount Olivet cemetery in Frederick. around its base are inscribed the names of several family members, including Michael and Elizabeth and one of their daughters.

Michael inscription

The stone was erected long after Michael’s death, by one of their grandsons.  Michael is of special importance to our studies, as he was the one brother who remained in Frederick County, where they all were raised. We hoped that he might lead us to the identity of their parents, who brought the family from Mainz, in present-day Germany, in 1766 (Michael himself was born two years later). So far, however, that identity has not been discovered. Read more …

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