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There are many events to note today, beginning with the death in Longview, Washington, in 1969, of my grandpa Isaac Larson (1884-1969). Also featured on his birth day, 9 February. Top photo: Grace Lutheran Church, Skaar, ND, where his funeral was held on 12 September. Read Isaac’s profile page …

1969 Funeral program= = =

Died in Kankakee County, Illinois, on this date in 1900: second great-grandfather on the Myers side, Peter Drayer. Featured on his birth date, 5 May.

p drayer stone

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Baptized in Boston, Massachusetts Colony, on this date in 1633(!): eighth great-grandfather, John Colby. John was a son of Anthony Colby, one of the first settlers in New England. Coincidentally, Anthony Colby was baptized on the same date in 1605, in Horbling, Lincolnshire County, England. It is uncertain, though, whether the person in that parish record is the same one who came to Massachusetts in 1630. Read more …

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