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Ole’s Land

On their website, the county government of Vernon County, Wisconsin has plat maps showing ownership of county land at various intervals. This is the map of 1896, clearly showing Ole’s property at that time.

1896 Ole's Land

1896 Ole’s Land

Here is a close-up of the section where Ole’s farm was located.



Note some familiar names on neighboring parcels, especially E.O.Sletten and J. Erickson. One can also view the land on Google Earth or Google Maps (same satellite imagery) This image shows about one square mile (not quite aligned with the section lines). Ole’s land is outlined; two squares approx. 1/4 mile on each side (40 acres each).Oles land google

This is a great new resource. I also found the “legal descriptions” for the North Dakota homesteads of the four Larson’s (Axel, Isaac, Oscar, and Smith). Those plat maps are not on the Internet, but I plan to get a look at them sometime. Meanwhile, I am drawing them onto Google satellite photos as above (coming soon to a post near you).