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Stephen and Helen Myers

Stephen Bennett Myers, my maternal great-grandfather, was born in Sunbury, Ohio, the town co-founded by his grandfather Lawrence Myers. His parents were Henry Bennett Myers and Leonora Brown, first cousins on Henry’s mother’s side. Leonora died when Stephen was a year old. Five years later, Henry remarried, this time to Fanny Myers (his first cousin on his father’s side!), and they moved to Oskaloosa, Iowa. His father died during the Civil War, after a brief, service-related illness. Stephen may or may not have gone to war with his father as a dependent; that issue is touched on in this post.

After the war, Stephen did serve for several years in the Army, before marrying Helen Colby, a schoolteacher and daughter of a prominent businessman in Onawa, Iowa.

1874 Helen tini

Stephen and Helen raised their family of six children in Onawa. Their names were Harry Eugene, Lawrence, Leonora Brown, Dan Dean (my grandfather), Henry Borbidge, and Frank Colby Myers. A seventh child, Eldridge Bennett , died in infancy.

1912 Stephen Helen Myers-c

Stephen worked in the Monona County government as an accountant. He may well have worked in the building pictured below, built in 1892 and remodeled in the 1990s.

Onawa Courthouse

Upon Stephen’s death, several children wrote letters of condolence. Here is the one from my Grandpa Myers:

1917 Sympathy Dan to Helen

Helen Colby Myers died six years later, while residing with her son Henry in the coal-mining town of Kenilworth, Utah. Stephen and Helen, and young Eldridge, are buried in Onawa City Cemetery.

Myers stones