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aka Albreda of FRANCE; aka Alberada von HENNEGAU 
De Lorraine, Alberade (I5458)
the Bold';
le Hardi' 
France, Philip III King of (I5838)
the Fat'; of CHAMPAGNE; de BLOIS 
Navarre, Henry Enrique I King of (I5833)
the Good'; Crusader; (CAPET); killed on Crusade of St. Louis 
Artois, Robert I Count of (I5836)
6 "The Younger" De Braose, William IV (I5690)
7 (& Leon); Countess of Ponthieu; (Alianore Leanor) Castile, Eleanor Infanta of (I5830)
8 (& SICILY) (Carlo Carlos); d' ANJOU; (CAPET) Naples, Charles II the Lame King of (I5846)
9 (as widow) Regent Queen of NAVARRE D' Artois, Blanche (I5834)
10 (de MERANIE); Countess of ANDECHS; of ANDECHS-MERANIEN Von Meran, Gertrude (I5855)
11 (de MESCHINES; of CYVEILIOG; de KYVELIOC) 3rd Earl of CHESTER Kevelioc, Hugh of (I5807)
12 (Elftrudis Aethelswithe Elfridam) Princess of ENGLAND; SAXON Wessex, Aelfthryth Elfrida of (I4255)
13 (EVREUX; d' EVEREAUX) Montfort, Bertrade of (I5808)
14 (Guillaume de BRIOUZE) 1st Lord of Bramber Rape De Braose, William I (I5696)
15 (Harmadik); (MAGYAR); aka Alexius (name given by Emperor Manuel, who had planned to make Bela his heir) Hungary, Bela III ARPAD King of (I5856)
16 (Knight of the Garter; de); Marquess of Dorset; 1st Earl of SOMERSET Beaufort, John `Fairborn' of (I5862)
17 (LASCARINA; of LASKARIS-NIKAIA); Princess of BYZANTIUM Laskarina, Maria (I5853)
18 (LONGSHANKS; PLANTAGENET; 31st King of SCOTS); strong general, just King, conquered Wales; made John King of Scots, and his vassal, dealt with insurrection by destroying Berwick;
Hammer of the Scots' 
England, Edward I King of (I5829)
19 (MAGYAR; von UNGARN) Hungary, Bela IV ARPAD King of (I5852)
20 (Masodik Endre); aka Andras (Andrew) ARPAD; forced to issue
Golden Bull' in 1222 
Hungary, Andreas II King of (I5854)
21 (Masodik Geysa) ; aka Geisa III von UNGARN Hungary, Geza II ARPAD King of (I5859)
22 (of SAVOY?); Countess of PROVENCE Berenger, Beatrice (I5849)
23 (Philippe Philippa); Lady of the Garter Hainault, Philipa d' AVESNES Countess of (I5826)
24 1) Peder and Marit may or may not have known that they were fourth cousins, sharing third great grandparents Hans Ingebretasen Engen (b. 1669) and Kari Pedersdatter.
2 )Marriage date apparently from Myers genealogy. Suspicious, as son Peder Bernhard was baptised 22 Jul. 1877, as "Uægte" (parents unmarried). 
Family F2719
25 10 of 12 children at home, plus 2 daughters-in-law and 2 grandchildren Blessing, Louis (I8671)
26 10th King of AUSTRASIA; 2nd King of NEUSTRIA; King of Burgundy; Signed the Perpetual Constitution Franks, Clotaire Chlothar II 3rd King of All (I5673)
27 16th Jarl of Orkney; (SIGURDSSON ?) Caithness, Brusse Sigurdsson Earl of (I5702)
28 1801 Census residence: Gløme Gløme-Ødegaarden, Peder Olsen (I4411)
29 1850 census: "Jane Zepp," in household of Abraham Cassel; occupation unstated, possibly nanny or servant, age 17. Zepp, Mary Jane (I4285)
30 1865 Census: Servant in household of Johanne Møldrop, a widow and apparently storekeeper in Trondheim city.

1867 Birth of Anton Hogstad - back in Saxhoug parish, probably at parents' home. 
Arentsdatter Hogstad, Cecilia (I3600)
31 1910 census: 2 children, 2 living Zipprich, Lizzie Anna (I7737)
32 1st Baron of GWENTLAND (BRAIOSE-GWENTLAND); Lord of Gower; Sheriff of Herefordshire; 1st Baron (10th Lord) of ABERGAVENNY; 3rd Lord of Bramber De Braose, William II (I5693)
33 1st Duke of Somerset; killed at Battle of St. Alban's Beaufort, Edmund Knight of the Garter (I5860)
34 1st Earl of MARCH; de facto co-ruler of England with his lover the Queen (Isabelle the she-wolf of France); hanged without trial Mortimer, Roger (I5880)
35 2nd Count of CLERMONT & CREIL; aka Hugues de CLERMONT-EN-BEAUVAIS De Creil, Hugh I (I5719)
36 2nd Earl of Arundel; aka William of ALBANY, Aubini Aubigny, William III of (I5804)
37 2nd Earl of Clare, Lord de TONEBRUGE & Cardigan;
the Marshall' 
De Clare, Gilbert FitzRICHARD (I5709)
38 2nd/4th Earl of Chester; aka Radnulf de GERNON (GUERNAN; GERNONS); aka Ralf le MESCHINES De Meschines, Ranulph IV (I5809)
39 2nd/5th Earl of Kent; Knight of the Garter; HOLAND Holland, Thomas II of (I5866)
40 3rd/11th Earl of WARWICK; Founding Knight of the Garter; Marshal of England; (fought at Crecy & Poitiers) Beauchamp, Thomas of (I5878)
41 4th Baron of Raby; 1st Earl of WESTMORELAND; Knight of the Garter; Marshall (later co-Regent) of England; Warden of west marches Nevill, Ralph I (I5819)
42 4th/12th Earl of Warwick; Knight of the Garter Beauchamp, Thomas of (I5876)
43 5th/13th Earl of WARWICK & of WORCESTER; Earl of ALBEMARLE; Knight of the Garter Beauchamp, Richard of (I5874)
44 Illustrated Life Story
Birth Date calculated from age given in his father's probate, and his marriage record. The1801 census (residence: Flaatte) differs by 1-2 years. Residence in burial record: Øvre Skurdalseiet (ministerialbok), Skurdalshaug (klokkerbok) 
Flaate, Lars Paulsen (I461)
45 Illustrated Life Story Myers, Dan Dean (I4268)
46 Illustrated Life Story Drayer, Lillian May (I4281)
47 Colby, Anthony (I4814)
48 Blog Page
NOTE! Ancestry uncertain. see notes on Philip Myers.
Burial information is probably cenotaph. Michael died many years before Mt. Olivet cemetery was formed. 
Myers, Michael (I5895)
49 Illustrated Life Story

Military Service Bet. 1775-1783 MD Regiment, Revolutionary War
After Revolutionary War, was an innkeeper in Forty Fort, PA
*Christening record, thus all ancestors, are questionable! It could be the christening of some other Phillip Meyer. Older brother Lawrence is not in this churchbook, but three other siblings of Philip are. Possibly the other siblings all died, but Lawrence should be in the book?? 
Myers, Philip (I4277)
50 Illustrated Life Story
Myers, Stephen Bennett (I4269)

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