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 Elusive People

Susan M Eldridge

The earliest documented vital event is her marriage to Harry Eugene Colby, 01 Jan 1849, Kane County, Illinois. After that, the Colbys raised their family in Onawa, Monona county, Iowa, where Susan died on 29 Mar 1893. Her obituary states that she was born in New York state, 19 May 1820. But where in New York, and who were her parents??
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 Mystery Photos

Mystery Larsons?

From the collection of the late Mary Ann Larson Meschke. Written on the back was "Darlene, George, and Bonnie Larson." This is impossible, as Darlene is 12 years older than me (George), and I am 6 years older than Bonnie. They do look an awful lot like Larsons. The boy doesn't look much like me, but the older girl strongly resembles Darlene at that age. The style of the frame suggests it is from the early 1940's, more or less. Help!
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Mystery Family

Photo was given to Lois Larson Hall by - ? The five boys immediately call to mind Lovell Larson and his four brothers (born 1913-1923), but this is a generation earlier; most likely before any of them were born. I have scoured the family tree, and can find no five brothers, or even cousins, that would fit.
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Grandma Morse and Little Harald ???

From collection of Lillian Drayer Myers. Inscription is in her handwriting. Problem is ... There is no surname Morse on the Myers-Drayer tree; and certainly no parent or grandparent of Dan Myers or Lillian Drayer with that surname. There is also no plausible candidate in my data for the little boy named Harald, or Harold. Ant ideas?
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