Gausdal, Oppland, Norway


Latitude: 61.264802, Longitude: 9.835644000000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brettingen, Andrew Johnson  15 Jun 1834Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I6541
2 Brettingen, Ole Johansen  6 Mar 1820Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I2739
3 Fougne, Lisbet Olsdatter  Abt 1725Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4511
4 Fyksen, Goro Ellevsdatter  1706Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I3426
5 Hammershaug, Karen Pedersdatter  20 Mar 1791Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I442
6 Hammershaug, Peder Iversen  1751Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I2982
7 Hansdater, Mari  1769Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4443
8 Heggen, Ragnhild Simensdatter  1697Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4513
9 Houm, Jacob Olsen  1721Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4510
10 Houm, Ole Jacobsen  Jan 1751Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4508
11 Kraabol, Erik Olsen  1791Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4470
12 Langset, Lisbeth Nielsdatter  1755Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I2991
13 Lunde, Anton Amundsen Solseth  26 Apr 1856Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I7126
14 Møchlebøe, Nicolai Nicolaisen  1bt 1755Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I9116
15 Nedre Bøe, Anne Paulsdatter  27 Feb 1824Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I9112
16 Nedre Bøe, Paul Nicolaisen  Abt 1792Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I9114
17 Nesseth, Ole Pedersen  30 Nov 1821Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4313
18 Nesseth, Peter  27 Jul 1862Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4314
19 Nesseth, Randine  7 May 1866Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4315
20 Olsdatter, Helena  11 Oct 1854Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I46
21 Paulsdatter, Anne  Abt 1761Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I9117
22 Ruud, Anna Hansdatter  10 Jan 1820Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I2740
23 Sønstehagen, Johanes Olsen  28 Apr 1793Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I327
24 Waalen, Svein Stenersen  1627Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I3569


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Brettingen, Andrew Johnson  17 Aug 1834Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I6541
2 Brettingen, Ole Johansen  19 Mar 1820Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I2739
3 Hammershaug, Karen Pedersdatter  1 May 1791Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I442
4 Hammershaug, Peder Iversen  12 Dec 1751Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I2982
5 Hansdater, Mari  28 Mar 1769Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4443
6 Heggen, Ragnhild Simensdatter  18 May 1697Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4513
7 Houm, Jacob Olsen  11 Jun 1721Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4510
8 Kraabol, Erik Olsen  12 Jun 1791Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4470
9 Langset, Lisbeth Nielsdatter  6 Jul 1755Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I2991
10 Nedre Bøe, Anne Paulsdatter  28 Mar 1824Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I9112
11 Olsdatter, Helena  29 Oct 1854Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I46
12 Ruud, Anna Hansdatter  23 Jan 1820Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I2740
13 Sønstehagen, Johanes Olsen  7 Jul 1793Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I327


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gaukstad, Maren Larsdtr  1741Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I8407
2 Graffer, Ellef Nilsen  31 Jul 1713Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I8408


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Jacobsen, Ole  7 Oct 1737Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I4512


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Christensdatter, Olea  1865Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I7834
2 Lunde, Anton Amundsen Solseth  1865Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I7126
3 Møchlebøe, Nicolai Nicolaisen  1801Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I9116
4 Nedre Bøe, Paul Nicolaisen  1801Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I9114
5 Solseth, Amund Halvorsen  1865Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I7833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Graffer, Ellef Nilsen  Bef 1713Gausdal, Oppland, Norway I8408


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brettingen / Ruud  2 Jan 1846Gausdal, Oppland, Norway F958
2 Brettingen / Smehaugen  spring 1856Gausdal, Oppland, Norway F2956
3 Hammershaug / Langset  6 Apr 1775Gausdal, Oppland, Norway F552
4 Houm / Bratland  18 Apr 1775Gausdal, Oppland, Norway F1831
5 Jacobsen / Heggen  4 Nov 1720Gausdal, Oppland, Norway F1857
6 Ruud / Hansdater  29 Dec 1817Gausdal, Oppland, Norway F1814
7 Sagmoen / Nedre Bøe  14 Apr 1846Gausdal, Oppland, Norway F3957
8 Sønstehagen / Hammershaug  17 Jan 1820Gausdal, Oppland, Norway F192